6 Ways How Retailers Can Increase Their Conversion Rate [VID]

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While many retailers ask how to attract more customers, the better question is how to increase my retail conversion rate.

Why? Because you can do promotions and marketing gimmicks until the cows come home but if you haven't done all you can to convert those customers who are in your four walls - the only place you can truly affect your sales - from lookers to buyers, then you are like a poor marksman constantly missing the target.

Bigger retailers know that high conversion rates are their salvation and low conversion rates are the death knell of their operation. That's why so many obsess over big data and traffic counts because only you can change what you measure.

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Regardless of your size, retailers often lose sales by thinking it is all about the close of a sale.

That's a mistake.

You often lose retail sales because of what you bring to the table before you even open your mouth. Here are six 1-2 minute video vlogs telling you how to do it.

You can either click to watch on this page or on YouTube.

1- Examine your attitude about selling

2 - Dress up

3 - Set a positive expectation

4 - Don't judge

5 - Sell something you hate

6 - Risk losing the sale with this one question

In Sum

Increasing the conversion rates of your lookers to buyers should be your focus as you train your retail employees.

You can hold contests, make sales charts, and use mystery shops, but all of those are after you've tracked conversion rates.