7 Ways To Get Better At Selling In Your Retail Store

Bob Phibbs
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Are you struggling to get more sales? Looking for how to sell more in your store? You can either watch a 90 second video about it here or read below.

You can be a great retail salesperson if you follow these seven principles:

1. Don’t Act Desperate.
Your attitude ought to put a customer at ease. They should feel like you’re helping them—not that they’re helping you! No matter how much you want or need to make a sale, don’t approach a customer with dollar signs in your eyes.

2. Make a friend
Notice something the shopper is wearing or holding that you can make a positive remark about. Good examples would be jewelry, logos on their clothing, car keys, even their smartphone.

3. Sell people on value.
Show an item’s unique features that give your unique customer a unique benefit. For example, “This measuring tape has an eraseable writing surface on the side, so you can write your measurement on it and not forget.”

4. Challenge their perceptions.
If a guy tells you he is looking to buy a cheap garden hose because his never last long anyway, it is up to you to challenge his perceptions. To sell the $40 hose, you would have to ask, “Did you know water in a hose can boil which rips apart cheap hoses? Instead of always replacing them, buy this one with a triple reinforced and insulated lining that prevents bursts.”

5. Be honest.
Never overstate the value of a product and don’t gloss over its shortcomings. If you don’t know, don’t just shrug your shoulders, tell them you will find the answer right then from someone who knows.

6. Add-on, Upsell or Cross-sell.
Always find a complimentary item to increase the sale once the customer has selected their main product. Think sheets for a bed, polish for shoes, belt for jeans, compost for a tree. As long as you’re honest and the item extends the customer’s use of the first product, suggestively selling items provide more value to the customer.

7. Learn from your successes and mistakes.
Unpack every interaction with a shopper. You want to understand why a shopper did or didn’t buy from you, what you might have done differently, or how you might have presented the merchandise better.

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In Sum

Retail sales techniques like these can help you sell more in your store. The key is not to just understand them, but use them with every customer. 

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