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Retail Signage: Examples of How Not To Talk To Your Customers

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When you are coming up with signage for your retail store, you must be careful you don't upset customers unknowingly. As a retail speaker I'm asked to help demystify merchandising and retail signage so audience members can create kick-butt displays that sell. I reveal the nine types of displays, what makes them different and how to use them.

What is it about signs? They should be short, informational, welcoming and clear; especially in smaller retailers, regional chains and Main Street boutiques.

Instead we find ones that are confusing or meant to stop or inhibit customers which creates a negative energy in the store (click on each image to view full scale.)

[gallery link="file" columns="1" ids="12774,12775,12794,12778,12780,12781,12782,12779,12776,24537,24538,24539,24541,24543,24545,24546"]

You want to stand out?

Don't give the wrong person access to your printer.

How to do proper signage? Read this post, 7 Tips To Create Compelling Signs For Your Store.

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