Retail Podcast 905: Robert Schindler When Pennies Matter

Robert Schindler, author and professor of marketing at Rutgers University

Bob Phibbs interviewed author Robert Schindler, Professor of Marketing at Rutgers University, about effective pricing strategies - and more - on this episode of Tell Me Something Good About Retail.

Robert Schindler

Tell Me Something Good About Retail

Robert Schindler When Pennies Matter


Discover the secrets of effective pricing strategies and deep dive into the psychology of nine-ending pricing, the pitfalls of cost-based pricing, and the power of value-based pricing.

Learn how to determine your product's true value to the customer and master the art of selling high-value items.

🔍 Top Takeaways:

• The psychology behind .99 pricing 🏷️

• Why value-based pricing trumps cost-based pricing 💡

• Tips for selling high-value items 🛍️


Audio is also available now on your favorite podcast platform as Tell Me Something Good About Retail.  

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