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10 Best Retail Sales Blog Posts of 2016

Bob Phibbs

I write hundreds of blogs per year all focused on how to grow retail sales, attract new customers and improve retailers marketing and training.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Marketing, Retail Sales Training, conversion rate

10 Easy Ways To Get Customers To Write Reviews That Boost Retail Sales

Bob Phibbs

Customer reviews are very influential and can increase your sales more than marketing with a paid ad but can be hard to get. Here’s 10 proven tips to get customers to review your business online.

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Topics: Marketing, customer experience, customer engagement

How To Improve Your Marketing To Increase Retail Sales During December

Bob Phibbs

It’s the beginning of the holiday season and retailers are all over the map with their holiday retail sales figures.

Some are reporting large increases, some others are reporting flat sales, and sadly, others are reporting losses.

Customers are out there shopping, but retailers, how focused are you in reminding yours that they should shop with you?

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Topics: Retail Sales, Marketing, Retail Holiday Sales

How To Use AMEX Small Business Saturday To Grow Holiday Retail Sales

Bob Phibbs

Looking for a strong way to promote your business and how to attract customers? Are you an AMEX cardmember looking for what’s different this year? Read on...

Now in it’s fifth year, American Express’ Small Business Saturday has become a marketing powerhouse for retailers and restaurants of all sizes.

Held two days after Thanksgiving, November 26, 2015, Small Business Saturday is one of the most trafficked shopping weekends of the year.

In 2014, customers spent an estimated 14.3 billion at small independent businesses on that day. #Shopsmall, its hashtag, was the highest trending topic across social media that day.

And yet, I continue to discover many indie retailers who do absolutely nothing to connect to Small Business Saturday.

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Topics: Marketing, Small Business Saturday, retail expert, how to attract customers, independent retailer

How 5 Independent Retailers Are Killing It With Facebook Live Video - And How You Can Too

Bob Phibbs

Looking for free or low cost marketing ideas for your retail small business? Facebook Live video has provided you a golden opportunity as I highlighted in this post

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Topics: Marketing, Retail Consultant, facebook, live video

Can You Know If Your Marketing ROI Is Working For Your Retail Business?

Bob Phibbs

Most every retail business owner is frustrated with their marketing costs because they don’t know how to calculate their return on investment (ROI) for the amount of money spent.

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Topics: Marketing, Retail

Marketing Won’t Help If You Don’t Know Who Your Retail Customer Is [Case Study]

Bob Phibbs

Imagine shooting an arrow at a target with your eyes closed and a hurricane wind blowing. I doubt you would hit the target, much less hit the bullseye.

Marketing is a lot like that because until you zero in on the bullseye of who your customer is, you will miss your target audience.

You have to have a very clear idea of who your customer is and who she or he isn’t.

Everybody is not a target group.

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Topics: Marketing, Retail Consultant, case study

How Retailers Can Keep Up With Retail Consumer Trends

Bob Phibbs

Trends become opportunities. That’s what I heard when I was an invited guest at IBM’s massive Amplify conference in Tampa a few weeks ago. 

This is the first of a three-part blog with tips all retailers can use to build their marketing and omnichannel sales. 

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Topics: Retail Sales, Marketing, email marketing tips, retail trends, IBM

How Retailers Can Using Analytics To Build HIgher Converting Websites

Bob Phibbs

This is the second of a three-part blog wrapping up my time at IBM's Amplify conference last month with tips all retailers can use to build their marketing and omnichannel sales. 

In 1937, Sylvan Goldman, owner of the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain in Oklahoma invented the shopping cart. It took 7 years to get his shoppers to use them.

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Topics: Marketing, webdesign, omnichannel, IBM

How Retailers Can Build E-commerce Without Impacting Store Operations

Bob Phibbs

This is the final part of a three-part blog wrap up of IBM's Amplify conference covering omnichannel retailing, predictive logic on websites and improving customer service throughout retail. 


Think of most bad guys in a science fiction movie. Think Percy Jackson, Storm, even Queen Elsa. Many have sought to control the weather because the person who controls the weather is seen as the most able to control the world.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Marketing, omnichannel, IBM, store operations

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