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Attract Customers
How To Attract Customers To Your Retail Store In 9 Easy Steps

Your focus as a retailer right now has to be on attracting potential and existing customers into your retail store, keep...

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How To Get Customers In The Door: 7 Powerful Strategies You’re Not Using

Graham, a friend of mine, went to a local electronics store to buy a microphone. The young sales associate took him to t...

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Attract more Customers
How to Attract Attention, Get More Customers And Sales

Updated February 1, 2024 When you are trying to attract customers and get more foot traffic, the focus is squarely on yo...

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What Can This Small Business #Fail Teach Retailers?

Back when I was looking to move away from the crowded, noisy, dusty freeways of Los Angeles, I checked out the green Mid...

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The 5 Shifts Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Are Making to Generate Up to 20% Higher Profits Every Month

Are you a hungry brick-and-mortar store owner who’s ready for a fresh, people-obsessed strategy? This training is for you if you want to grow your business using a powerful customer experience formula proven to make your cash register chirp.