Best Retail Sales Training Tips

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I write and speak alot about retail sales training because it is the only way, in this age of discounts, to grow sales and profits.

Here are some of my blogs on retail sales training:

Retail Sales Training: Know Your Customer's Buying Cycle

As the economy has gotten stronger, I've been called on to share the Bob Phibbs Experience with more retailers, service providers and luxury brands with average tickets in the thousands.

Why is that? Because many were frustrated with the "old school" selling about manipulation and maneuvers. READ MORE

Retail Sales Training Tip: How To Open A Window Of Contact

After a friendly greeting, it is up to the sales associate to look for something unique about the person standing in front of them. This second part of the sale is what I call the Windows of Contact. You want to find something you like about them, compliment them and then READ MORE

Retail Sales Training: Waiting Will Cost You Money

Just about any product or service business can say, "Oh, I'm different, my customers can put off purchasing a new ___ or fixing the ___; they can wait."

But that's the problem isn't it? They CAN'T wait. It's not like that Star Wars DVD you place on the shelf and it will still be there, exactly as you left it. Retail Sales Training: Remove Insecurity

Retail sales training tip: If you make the customer insecure during the moment they are deciding or paying for your merch or service, you will then be trying to placate a nervous customer. By then though, the trust and relationship are gone and you're left coming up with excuses to your boss.

Training anyone is an art. You have to love it. You have to enjoy the challenge of getting through to people who may not immediately want to change the way they are doing things. While a lot of people try to do it themselves, it must be a priority. That's why some of the biggest brands in the world hire me to work with their best. The good news is you can bring me to work with your team no matter how big or small.

Want to learn the secrets of training your employees to interact with customers, sell your merchandise and like their job better?