Retail Sales Training Tip: How To Add-On To Any Sale

suggestive selling retail add-on

Before you begin training your retail sales staff how to add-on, you first need to show them how a sale could play out.

Once the customer has selected the main product, you have three options to get additional product out the door:

  1. Make them see something else that makes the first purchase better.

  2. Scare them they may need something else.

  3. Fold your tent.

Obviously, your retail sales training will focus on the first but you need to show your employees what all three options look like on your sales floor...

The first is a great one if you sell flooring, apparel, window fashions or anything where there are substantial ways you can make it perfect. Use the cake analogy.

"Have you ever seen someone make a chocolate cake?" (wait for answer.) "Its pretty good all on its own. What I'm going to show you is the frosting on the cake."

Simple, sets the expectation, feels easy.

The second is great if you sell hardware or project-based items.

"Have you ever gotten home, ready to do a project and found you didn't have everything you needed so you had to go back to the store?" (wait for answer.) "We've got everything you need right over here to save you a trip."

The third is what you hear in stores, restaurants and service providers day-in and day-out. Its what I call folding your tent. While it isn't part of anyone's retail sales training program it is the most heard response from a clerk...

"Anything else?"

What did you see in that interaction?


Know what you'll get in additional sales with that line?


You have not created a picture either good or bad.

After all the work it took to get the customer in and for them to buy, you buckled when you needed to stand tall.

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Think about being in a restaurant...

You've just finished a great meal. The server comes over and says, "Anything else?"

Quick, what did you see?


What if the server said, "Do you want some pie or cookies or ice cream with that?" What did you see?


But what if the server said, "We have a fresh-made apple pie just out of the oven. I could drizzle a little warm caramel on it and top it off with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream."

What did you see? I bet you saw the pie. Don't care if you opted to order it. You saw it. That takes careful planning.

Carefully designing your retail sales training to paint pictures raises average check.

You want to improve your retail sales training and make sure your crew knows how to add-on to any sale? Make customers see it - good or bad.  Using these suggestive selling tips will keep your staff from folding their tent.

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