Is SalesRX Online Retail Sales Training Right For My Stores?

By Bob Phibbs

online sales training right retail

If you're at that point when you know something must change in your retail operation...

And now you’re looking for a way to improve your conversions, attract customers and raise profits...

And you’ve honed into the smart idea that the answer is to train your crew better, then you’re looking for the best way to do just that.

SalesRX is my proven online retail training program that trains your crew to engage their customers, build rapport, and close their sales. It's the way people need to sell.

And as you consider whether or not SalesRX would be a good fit for your retail stores, the following statement may shock you, especially coming from me, the creator of SalesRX:

SalesRX is NOT for everyone. In fact, it may not be right for you.

Yes, you read that right.

Just like any tool, SalesRX must be given enough time and must be managed properly in order for you to get the desired results.

That means you must have a strategy, commit to the effort, and create a clear plan.

Beyond these components, SalesRX, like any training program, has its limitations based on who you will have implementing it and by how much they are committed to making the training program a success.

Much like buying a diet book won’t make you lose weight, just buying access to the program won’t change a thing; you need to schedule the training, finding time for each individual employee to take it. Then you have to make sure your managers allot time to coach each employee on each lesson.

Otherwise, you’re just hoping you can encourage your employees to take the training.

If you’re considering using SalesRX with your stores, here are a few of the questions you should be asking:

Who within our organization will take ownership of the training process, learn to use SalesRX and schedule the employee training?

How do the SalesRX tools (interactive videos, testing, certification and realtime progress reports) compare to the existing training we are using?

How many minutes per week are we willing to allocate on our schedule for our retail sales training efforts?

Should we import our existing training documents and tools into the new SalesRX platform, or are we better off keeping our old materials separate?

How will we know it works? How will we connect the dots between those who have become certified and their key performance indicators (KPIs)?

If you’re debating as to what tools you should be using to maximize your retail sales training efforts, contact me by clicking the blue button.

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