7 Ways How To Grow Your Retail Sales The Week After Christmas

By Bob Phibbs

retail holiday sales for retailersAfter Christmas Day is over, retailers may find themselves wanting to rest.

But you can't.

You have one mission: to minimize returns to grow your holiday retail sales.

The final week of the month is frosting on the cake. By proactively deciding to grow sales you will have a better mindset and your crew will keep from feeling overwhelmed.

7 Ways To Grow Your Retail Sales The Week After Christmas:

1) Greet at counter. Even if someone greeted them as they came in and you have signs everywhere saying, 20% off. When customers arrive at your counter with their receipt and a return, greet them with something like, "Good morning. The whole store is 20% off, would you like to look around first?"

Even if customers tell you they only want another size, still mention your sale. Look at this as an opportunity to get a second item; not to have your employee give them 20% off a return. You can tell the customer your sale "makes their gift go farther."

2) Tag all returns. Make sure every return is immediately tagged. You don't want to lose sales because someone threw it into a big pile to "get to" at the end of the day. Price it and get it back on the sales floor with the rest of the items quickly.

3) No part-timers at the counter. Make sure everyone knows how to do all types of returns, sale items, closeouts, layaways, checks , etc before you allow them to help customers at the register. Neither your employees nor customers want to wait for a manager. Patience is gone this time of year for everyone.

4) Bend your policies. Don't get into it with someone doing a return against your policy. It isn't worth the aggregation - give them a refund if there is any way possible. Remember our goal is to BUILD sales, not antagonize customers. Battling over a $20 sale item ruins your day more than the customer's - move on and build sales. And remember, they can always do a chargeback - and they know it too. Give the refund and be a hero.

5) Greet at the door. Have someone greet people as soon as they enter your store to let them know what is on sale with, "Good morning. The whole store is 20% off." You want to interrupt them before they get to the counter wanting their money back. The goal is for them to, "Look around." Even if they tell you that's what they want, you can counter with, "We can certainly do that for you as well, we just don't want you to have to stand in line twice."

6) Hustle. You want to touch as many people as possible. Now is not the time to let someone lazily size a rack or lazily hang merchandise or lazily do a return. Now is the time to actively get onto the floor and minimize those returns. If employees are too slow, customers will give up, get angry and just say, "give me my money."

7) Get their information. Get them on your email list or checkin with Facebook. Remember, discount shoppers are usually not your regulars so explain how they can signup for exclusive sales throughout the year. 

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In Sum

Encouraging people to buy more is easy when you are already offering discounts whether on clearance or store-wide. Getting their information now will come in handy in in the New Year.

Good selling!

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