Celebrate Your Retail Employees With These Thoughtful Gifts

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Looking for an extraordinary and inspiring gift for your retail employees? The Retail Doctor has the answer with this gift guide for 2023 giving. But let’s step back.

Showing your retail employees some recognition at the end of a long year is essential. But finding the right gift can take time and effort, especially if you're on a budget.

The good news is that plenty of options for every budget will allow your staff to learn and grow in their careers.

It is so tempting to say employees only want cash.

But have you ever gone to buy something for yourself and, as you took out the cash, said, “My manager Carolyn gave these bills to us!”?

No. Even if your manager’s name was Carolyn, no one remembers Cash.

Worse gift cards.

Sure, they are easy to click, but they are impersonal as heck.

Worse still, a gift card to Amazon.

Consider these gifts that don't just say, “Great job.” The good news is that plenty of options for every budget will encourage your staff to learn and grow in their careers.

Use this brief list to find the perfect thank-you gift for your team and tell them how much you appreciate all their hard work.

These items are perfect for a range of your retail crew, through to your best managers and almost any other business.

69 Proven Ways to Build Your Retail Store Sales by the Retail Doctor 69 Proven Ways to Build Your Retail Store Sales - PRINT V2 No Marks (1)

Brand new for 2023! Perfect for all your team members - a unique and lighthearted read to get across relevant ideas. Leave a copy in the staff room to ensure everyone gets an eye on it.

CLEAR membership

Have a buyer or salesperson who travels a lot? For about $200 a year, you can gift them a speed pass through almost any airport. That’s important if they fly from or to hubs like Newark, like I do. While holiday traveling can be tough, CLEAR’s biometric solution gets you through TSA in a matter of minutes.

A Night At A 5-Star Hotel

Check TripAdvisor for a local town and find their best hotel pick, then buy your best employee a night or two there and with dining (no alcohol on your dime.) Make sure to tell them to park the car using the valet. You choose the experience but figure $500 to start.

First Class Airfare (or an upgrade)

It’s easy to say It’s the same plane, so why pay extra just like you can say It’s the same hotel and stay in a broom closet in Bermuda. Flying first class for 4+ hours shows that space and service make a difference. Want to make it even better? Give a pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones. I prefer Bose for about $200, but you have options. You could even provide this for travel to a market. Prices can vary greatly, so figure $1,000. Too much of an expense? Tell them you'll upgrade their next vacation flight to first class.

Another option might be to upgrade a handbag, a phone, or something they may have had to settle on versus a product or experience they want. You accomplish this by doing a mystery shop together to see how other stores work.

Subscription to Book of the Month Club

With both hardcover and audiobooks available monthly, this subscription keeps on giving. Pick the number of months you want to provide the subscription for, and your avid reader gets to choose from a selection monthly.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Some people think this is a self-help book, but for just $20 (or under $30 for the hardcover), you’ll learn how to lead a team and get people to like you. I particularly like his instructions on being a leader by changing people’s attitudes and behavior without causing resentment. More than any other in its category, this book has positively affected more life trajectories than can be tracked. Make sure you give them a yellow highlighter – they’ll want it.

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

A buddy of mine was in one of the original touring companies of A Chorus Line. I met him after a fantastic performance. What did he credit it to? The whole cast had read this book and realized we are products of our thinking. Get that right, and the sky’s the limit. That's still true; under $30 for a hardcover is a bargain.

A subscription to The Robb Report

This monthly subscription is for some of the finest cars, jewelry, apparel, and more. A one-year subscription will set you back $100, but the world it opens to the reader is one of opulence, beauty, and considering what more there is to achieve. Bonus if their customers buy such items.

In Sum

Suppose you want to give one of these suggestions along with your usual cash gift; that also works if the cash isn’t the standalone gift. Make the gift memorable by inscribing the book or adding a personal note for the subscription.

With any of these gifts, your employees will start the new year feeling appreciated, valued, and excited for what lies ahead.

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