4 New Retail Business Ideas That Stand Out From the Competition

Standing out from the competition

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If you're paying attention to the doom and gloom associated with retail, it might seem that the exuberance of online shopping - It’s SO easy -  has pushed the brick and mortar stores out to pasture.

That's just not the case.

The majority of customers still prefer in-store purchases for most types of products. And will for the foreseeable future.

While a number of high-profile retail chains have gone out of business, their downfall was debt more than a lack of shoppers.

To succeed you have to look for creative retail business ideas. You'll find many of them revolve around ways to reach customers where they are, engage them in new ways, and know them on an individual basis.

When it comes to driving sales, retailers shouldn’t be afraid to try innovative things. In Shanghai, Hema Supermarket recently added an adult section to its app. Now consumers can receive delivery of condoms, pregnancy tests, sex toys, and more in 30 minutes or less.

It is easy to scoff at retail store ideas like this one, but the retailer has tapped into a very basic human need and has raised expectations from consumers of short delivery of on-demand purchases.

Find inspiration with these retail business ideas

Here are four creative ways to serve your retail customer base across different channels and in real locations.

1. Be available where your customers are

Domino's Pizza is not a new business; they were established in 1960. But they are always looking at pushing the envelope to remain relevant and connected to their core customers. It used to be that restaurants were all about location. One of Domino’s interesting business ideas lets customers order to hotspots at places without an address. This is one of those great retail business ideas other businesses should take note of.

Hotspots include outdoor parks and beaches, even Central Park in New York City and the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. As long as you are GPSable, you can get their pizza anywhere.

2. Take knowing your customer to the next level

Lolli & Pops, who bills themselves as an encyclopedia of the world’s finest candies and confections, is implementing facial recognition programs in their stores. This allows their sales associates to see VIP shopper preferences and even allergy information so they can offer new creations and locate old favorites quickly.

Yes, it could have a bit of a creep factor, but it also cuts down on having to explain a lot of things each time. Any time-saving strategy is a good idea for your retail store, especially if your employees are swamped with work.

3. Make shopping seamless across all channels

Everlane, an ethically sourced clothing company, lets customers see exactly how much the materials and labor cost. Now they have integrated their brick and mortar and online stores using an integrated ID system.

Just like at the big box retailers, shoppers can return items purchased online in-store; they can shop wallet-less and apply any existing credits to their purchase, whether online or in-person.

It’s a great idea for every retail store and one way to prevent your store from becoming a showroom for Amazon.

4. Remove the guesswork and build a digital profile for shoppers

ModCloth started as an online fashion-design company offering clothing inspired by yesteryear.  At their new stores in Austin and San Francisco, shoppers work with an in-store, in-person stylist and have an introductory conversation that covers personal style, their wardrobe goals, and budget. The stylist takes detailed measurements and gives a guided tour around the showroom to showcase the best styles and fits for the customer’s individual body type and needs.

The appointments themselves are free and there’s zero purchase obligation. This leaves the customer free to shop their omnichannel empire, confident that whatever they purchase, whether online or in-store, will fit.  This saves the customer in-store time and makes their online purchases doubt-free.

More importantly, this retail store idea creates free value for the customers and allows the salesperson to build rapport quickly.

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Why shoppers don't purchase isn't the same as why shoppers do purchase.  

When you start to look at the sales you are missing, you become curious about your shoppers’ motivations.

You are focused on delivering in-person relationships and finding new ways to deliver your products. That’s how these four retailers show the way forward.

They are innovating with unique retail store ideas that combine technology with great customer service to take shopping experiences to the next level.

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