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What Top Brick and Mortar Retailers Are Doing To Combat Amazon

As 250+ Bon Ton stores go out of business, the Wall Street Journal caught up with their former CEO Tim Grumbacher who said, “If I had had the...

4 New Retail Business Ideas That Stand Out From the Competition

If you're paying attention to the doom and gloom associated with retail, it might seem that the exuberance of online shopping - It’s SO easy -...

2018 Retail Assessment Reveals 10 Shocking Lacks In Best Practices

What is the current state of the retail industry? To no one’s surprise, most retailers see customer service as their most important challenge.

Retail Brands Are In Trouble. Is Yours Next?

Did you ever watch the Sopranos episode where Richie racks up a massive debt? Tony takes over the business and racks up even more debt. In the...

5 Hot Retail Trends You Can Implement In Your Retail Store Today


How to Battle the 7 Retail Trends Affecting Today's Consumer

With lower foot traffic, retailers are desperate to get a handle on the top retail trends to see where their customers went and how to get them ...

How Retailers Can Keep Up With Retail Consumer Trends

Trends become opportunities. That’s what I heard when I was an invited guest at IBM’s massive Amplify conference in Tampa a few weeks ago. 


5 Ways Brick and Mortar Retailers Should Prepare For Better Future 

First the bad news for retailers...

You know how I’ve included this quote from McKinsey in several of my previous blog posts, “Brick-and-mortar...

How Retail Store Of The Future Holds Keys For Retail Shopping Trends

Everyone is busy trying to understand and predict the future of shopping and of retail in particular.

[Pics] Steal These 9 Visual Merchandising and Store Ideas

I was recently on Michigan Avenue in Chicago where some of the most inventive and successful brands put their best and brightest designs. Before I...

7 Retail Industry Trends For 2015

Each year presents retailers with new opportunities, old challenges, and outside forces that will affect their prospects for a profitable year.  


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