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Retail Sales Training:To Sell More Answer "So what?" With Benefits

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If I go outside and point up to the sky, what will passersby do?

Look up in the air. When they do and they don’t see anything, they will feel stupid.

The same happens in retail sales when you are stuck selling features - the facts about a product- and just vomit fact after fact.

It happens when you are selling premium coffees and you say, “it’s fresh roasted.” Or you're selling a luxury watch and say it has a "ceramic bezel."

Features and benefits are the reasons that an individual customer should buy a particular product from you.

You need to mention what the benefit to the customer is of that feature or you will trip their idiot switch and they will feel stupid.

People don't buy when they feel dumb.

In the first example, during your retail sales training you might teach the benefit to the customer of that feature such as, “Since coffee loses 25% of it’s flavor within two weeks of roasting, this is the freshest you can buy”.

In the second during your retail sales training you might teach them to add, "So it is very scratch resistant."

Got the picture? This is the fourth part of a sale; it is called features and benefits.

Customers are bored with facts about your product, they are excited by what they can do with the product.

Everything has a feature and a benefit. “This travel mug is made of stainless steel, so it won’t add any taste, cleans easily, and won’t break if you drop it.” Got the idea?

Every day you use features and benefits in selling people on you. “I know the doorman at the club so I can get us in free.” “My dad has a new truck I can use so I can help you move.” “I know a great restaurant up the street so it’ll be a great start for our date!”

Every time you point something out about your retail product, you should hear the customer say, “So what!” You need to answer this quickly or the customer, in order to avoid looking stupid, will move on or out the door.

As I show in this retail sales training video, use features and benefits and you won’t have customers saying “So what!” to your retail products, they’ll be saying, “I'll take it”.

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