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    Why should I hold my employees accountable?

    Q: Why should I hold my employees accountable?

    A: If you're not going to hold your employees accountable then it's pretty much the Wild West when customers walk in. Somebody's given a deal and someone's treated like crap and somebody's going the extra mile - but you don't even know because you're not holding them accountable.

    You're just happy they show up.

    And then you pay them payroll and bitch and moan about how much you pay them or a million other things.

    When, if you're gonna pay me, for God's sake, show me what the boundaries are and hold me accountable. That way I can feel good about doing a good job and know when I have to work harder.

    Those are the people that are hard to hire and those are the ones you want to hire.

    The easy ones, the ones that want no responsibilities and no accountability are pretty much just warm bodies. These zombies are walking in saying the same thing to everybody every day, 'I'm bored.'

    If you want employees who can attract customers, deliver exceptional experience and most importantly, drive sales, you need to provide training and hold them accountable for either using it or not.

    Of course, that means you have to hold yourself accountable for their actions in the first place.

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