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    What Are 3 Things We Need to Address When Updating Our Website?

    Q: "When we're updating our website, what are three things we need to address?"

    A: 1)The images better look like they're from 2019 and not 1990. We don't care that you're a family business and it's all about you. What we care about is "what do I get that's unique by coming to you?"

    2) Make sure that your maps are up-to-date. And your contact me button, it goes to your cell phone or go somewhere that people aren't waiting two or three days to get ahold of you.

    3) And then make sure your goal is to really curate down and not end up looking like everybody else.

    There's a million people out there that will tell you, "Oh, we'll build your website for you," and it looks like everybody else's. You're happy because you have a website and you didn't think about it.

    At the end of the day, a compelling website has to be redone every few - well, I redo mine every 6 to 12 months. And it's very expensive. We're always about trying to do a better job and being unsatisfied with wherever you were two years ago.

    One thing that you can also do is put something like Lucky Orange on your site or some kind of a heat map that will show you what people are doing.

    You'll be able to track all of that and then make adjustments accordingly. You'll able to see where they go off or any of those types of things.

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