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    How do you know when it’s time to hire your first employee?

    Q: "How do you know when it's time to hire an employee?"

    A: When you get tired of doing the work. And you should be doing other things. I am shocked with the number of retailers out there right now who are trying to work in their own stores, alone, and maybe have one employee or two employees. I don't know how you possibly have more than a hobby.

    Because ultimately, if you're working the floor, you are working with someone for seven or nine an hour, and you should be paid like fifty to seventy-five ordering and finding new merchandise and marketing. Or looking where you should go instead of working in the business.

    I think more people should be hiring more employees and training them better so that they can work on the business and do even better. And no, I'm not one of those guys that thinks "The E Myth" is the best book ever written. Most of that is you're not designing your business to be another Starbucks. What you're designing to do is to take your passion and desire to help people and to sell a product at a profit so you can live the life you want. That's it. When we do that well, then other people come and buy products that fit into their lifestyle that helps them to do what they want and they help other people. And the whole circle works really well.

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    But when you are so down in the dumps, you are desperate for the sale and people see you walking up to them with like, dollar signs in your eyes. "Are you going to buy something?" Then that's just a recipe for disaster. So I certainly say lead by example, hire more people that can take the workload off of you and you can train to do even better than you can because maybe you're not that great at selling. If you're not that great at engaging a stranger but other people are trainable and can, and you can execute that over and over, that's great.

    You know if you read my stories about SalesRX, we had one woman who set a really high goal, got SalesRX, and it wasn't working for a couple months. It took her four managers to finally decide, "Yes, you're going to follow what I want you to do."

    And then she ends up beating it by one-hundred thousand dollars and taking her crew to Paris for Fashion Week. Well, that all came from making the decision to say, "We're better than this. I'm going to work on my business instead of work in my business."

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