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    What’s the Difference Between Training How To Sell and Just Showing?

    We've got to get out of this idea that a training is, I go into your store and I show your retail crew what to do and then they're going to just do it. That doesn't happen.

    That's just called exposure.

    That's like, "Here, let me show you a movie. Now, go and make a movie." Showing or just exposing employees to learning how to build rapport and sell isn't training. Without practice, the learner can understand what is taught but not use it because they haven't altered their behavior.

    We've got to get out of this idea that training is a one and done. Training has to be done until the learner is proficient.

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    We also have to stop looking at training as something that is bad.

    Training is something that's good because if you get trained well enough, you forget the training. You don't have to think about it twice.

    I'm a Yankees fan. I've been watching some of the Yankees games lately. And you look at the amazing speed and quick reflexes they have because it's been trained over and over again. They don't have time to think, "What do I do? Pick up the ball? See if someone else gets it? Where do I go?" They know it instinctively. Their body knows it.

    I think that's what you expect your employees to do but because you've only exposed them to something like a handout or you came up with some little acronym, you think your job is done.

    Instead of doing the hard work training encompasses, you just expose them to content.

    You should certainly checkout my but just taking the lessons isn't enough. Then you're going to have to practice it. You're going to role play it safely, out of the way of other people, so they get quick wins and they feel more confident.

    And then you're going to go through and you're going to hold them accountable. 

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