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    What’s the Best Way To Train Staff to Gather Information at Checkout?

    Q: "What's the best approach to training your retail staff to obtain customers' information at checkout? Most of our staff are intimidated to ask for it. 

    A: The reason why they're having trouble is because they haven't bonded with your customers yet. The trust isn't there, the rapport isn't there.

    They don't have that trust involved, so when they get to the counter, it becomes awkward like, "Would you like to join this?"

    You need to have built so much rapport that you could turn around and say something like, "We could continue this so that you'll never forget that we're your favorite store, if I could just get your information," or something along that.

    But, usually we come to find we've been more of a warehouse than really a trusted advisor. Then it becomes pleading, "What you like to save 20% off on your next purchase by joining our loyalty club?"

    The more trusted advisor, the more staff will get your customers' information and those customers will want to get your staff's name as well.

    I encourage all of you to use because I'm literally training hundreds of thousands of people around the world how to have their open heart to let somebody in and, ultimately, present an experience that sells the product.

    When you have a branded shopping process, you can assume the customer will give you the information because they want to return. That means you probably have to not only train better but hire better for staff who can execute this again and again without complaining.

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    What’s the Best Way To Train Staff to Gather Information at Checkout?

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