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    What’s the best way to position a sale?

    What's the best way to present a sale? For example, we had a winter buy one get one half price to clear out our winter stock before the season's over. But it wasn't responsive, so now I've changed it to 25% off winter stock and I monitor it better. What I've found in the past, we've done a mid-year clearance and labeled all racks 50% off and the stock has cleared better that way.

    A: You're clearly brilliant. You understand what it takes to work. It's a clearance sale.

    There is no tiptoeing in a clearance sale, you know. It's 25% off for maybe a week, a few days, does that work? 30% or 35% off, and half, and 60% and that should happen at about three weeks.

    After that, get it the hell out of there, because it's spoiled milk, nobody wants to see it.

    It's clearance, that's your money. Get your money back when you can. You know, we're in the middle of August up in the northern hemisphere and I am always shocked with people putting their winter coats, or hats or leftover stuff that didn't sell in season.

    Don't do that. Put merchandise on sale when people are actually able to use it. 

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