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    How Can A Driver Personality Style Better Manage Amiable Personality Styles?

    Q: "What tools and language can a driver use to better communicate, reprimand, and coach integral staff employees?"

    A: First, to find your own personality style, go here and you can take the personality quiz.

    OK Driver personalities like me, we're pretty much full of ourselves, and we're pretty independent and we like credit that we did things. Employee management of other Drivers can be easy because you all share the same outlook on getting things done in a timely manner, taking charge, and willing to risk it might not work out exactly as planned.

    The amiable personalities are the opposite.

    They are the salt of the earth. They are great assistant managers. They are more concerned with somebody else's needs over themselves.

    They don't want to brag. They hate risk and complication. 

    So if you want to change their behavior, I would coach amiables by saying, 'Think of how you're letting the team down.' Show them how whatever their behavior you want to correct affects everybody else, not just, 'You did this.'

    In short, think of everything that wouldn't work on you since you're opposites.

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