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    What do you do when customers are comparing prices on their phones while in the store?

    We had a couple of women recently, one sat in the chair, while her friend was trying on Woolrich shirts. She was telling her what colors were available and what sizes are online. I was steaming inside; it just seemed so rude and hurtful.

    A: So I think the question you're asking is what do you do when customers are showrooming you while in the store? You have two options, one, go through and stay back, which I never recommend.

    Or number two, go through and be part of the conversation, you want to be over there with them while they're looking at it. I know that's hard, and I get it, but here's the deal...

    Your chance to hold onto that sale is only going to happen by being one of those three roles in the decision-making world. Right? The shopper, the online site, and your store.

    It's being able to talk about what's going online and isn't, and you look so great in it, and you can take it home with you.

    But if you're not in that dialogue, then there's no way and at the end of the day, Linda, who cares if you're steaming? They bought the product from someone else.

    So somehow you didn't win out but that's happening more and more so you want to go over and help them scan it. You want to go over and make sure that they can understand that they have questions.

    Or you can say, oh yes, you know, that's last year's model or any number of things, or say, one of the things we hear from our customers is they love the fact that they try it on once with us and they don't have to wait for it to arrive.

    In fact you can try on two or three and avoid the hassle of sending it back because it's too small or it doesn't fit or it's not as described and they end up being able to wear it and enjoy it right away.

    That's the conversation you need to have; don't hang back because that is deadly.

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