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    What Are Some Tips on Using Instagram for Business?

    "We use Facebook for our business, but I think it's time to add Instagram to our social media platform."

    A: Instagram is a little different from Facebook and growing in influence.  I think the basics are that you have to talk to them, not tell them.

    You're trying to tell stories and show them, they have to be visual. So if you decide to show a display, it has to be worthy of posting or Instagrammable.

     It's really in that square format, you can really show what you're able to do. I think you have to go through and show, but don't tell.

    The easiest way I always do it is follow somebody else. So, when you find somebody you really like, start following their account, and see what they do, and see the interactions. Comment yourself on other people's pages so followers come to understand your point of view and want to follow you.

    The key is to post regularly with correct hashtags. Apparel and other items do very well on Instagram and with the ability to buy from posts, it is a new platform to sell from - but not 20% discounts, this weekend only.

    One thing that a lot of people miss is their bio. Make sure there's a clickable link so that they know where to go, and it's not necessarily just to your homepage, but maybe it's through a blog or some tips related to your picture where you might have a CTA that gets them into your email list. Remember to change that link with each post as appropriate.

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