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    What should we include in an in-store event?

    'We will be inviting suppliers to provide a three-day event with gold jewelry. How should we plan the event?'

    A: There are five keys to a great event:

    1. Advanced notice of at least four weeks.
    2. Make sure you have food.
    3. Make sure you have music.
    4. Make sure you have some kind of a drawing, some kind of a way to capture those leads and that data.
    5. Make sure you have a CRM system, you could enter that in, and you can follow up with them appropriately. That's the key.

    Listen to my podcast with event organizer extraordinaire Tammi Ketterman and she'll give you lots of ideas.

    You could also include some type of take home gift for everyone but not a must-do; look at your costs and potential upside first.

    It doesn't take much to throw a three-day event, but if it's all about price, price, price and there's nothing special, it's not really an event. You just have a sale.

    Make sure that you plan it, work the plan, and then more importantly, follow up with the plan and reach back to those who came, make a separate list in your database, and followup.

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    What should we include in an in-store event?

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