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    What kind of music should you play in a store?

    Q: "What kind of music do you find helps the best ambiance in the store? Should it mirror what our customers like: i.e., country or be more upbeat, pop, classic hits? We have a pet specialty store.”

    A: The big thing everyone is playing right now is 70s. I don't know what it is, but 70s is more like disco and upbeat and positive.

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    I walked into a store the other day, and it was a retail store, and I think they were playing spa music which was like, “ohm.” It just killed all the energy.

    I used to work in cowboy clothes and back in the 80s, a lot of country was, “she left me and it sucks to be me,” and you'd be thrilled for the day that George Strait would have a new upbeat song or Garth Brooks.

    I would encourage you to find something that stays positive with energy because the energy in the store should match or at least help the employees to feel that same energy."

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    What kind of music should you play to set the best ambiance in a store?

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