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    What Is An Example Of Great Customer Experience?

    Q: Throughout different posts, you've shared various levels of service you've personally experienced, both good and bad. I imagine your Ritz Carlton experience was one of the worst. I would say that in all capitals, because it fell so far short of your expectations. What's the best level of service you've experienced, and what did it look like? 

    A: I encourage you to read my Ritz Carlton experience. And that was pretty horrific. I think everybody could see that. But you know what, because that was so bad, four days later, I'm at the Marriott Gaylord Resort in Dallas, Texas, and I am speaking there for a whole day, so I call up the spa and I say, "I'd like to make an appointment for 4:30."

    The woman replied, "I'm sorry, our esthetician goes home at 5:00." And I said, "Well, I'm speaking all day. I don't think I can make it there by 4:00. I'm supposed to be off the podium at 3:45."

    She replied, "Well, why don't we do this, I'll ask her to stay, and... Hold on a minute." She came back and said, "She'll stay. You can come at 4:30." I replied, "Well, if I get there earlier, let's start then, that way she can go home." She replied, "Awesome." 

    I finish the speech and run down to the spa. It's now, like, 4:05. I walked in and saw they had a big thing of cucumber water and berry water.

    I take the cucumber water, and I'm drinking it. And from the side, behind the counter, I hear this woman say, "You'd better stock up on water, after all the speaking you did today."

    I turned, with the cup still in my hand, and I'm like, "Did she really say that?" I love that.

    She said, "My name is Kendall. Welcome to the spa." She said, "This is Melissa on the side, and my other person who is here. You must be Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc."

    That was great customer service. And it took her that much to connect the dots.

    Now, can I tell someone to “make sure that when they say they're a speaker, say...”?

    No. The point is that a lot of customers give you all the information you need to give them an exceptional, personalized customer service.

    Kendall did it and it was wonderful. And if you know Cathy from Wilkes, I talked about shopping there this summer and buying a pair of incredibly expensive jeans because of the feeling I got from her. It's not magic. 

    Read about Wilkes Customer Service Here

    I get great customer service stories all the time. I don't always make a blog out of them because they're very short, and I may have already covered the point in other posts.

    But at the end of the day, you need to look at what exceptional customer service is like this story and not that you got your Frappuccino in one minute. That's not great customer service. That's just speedy service. 

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