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    What is a Good Mystery Shopping Company to Use for Your Retail Store?

    Q: “Do you have a mystery shopper firm to recommend?”

    A: Yes, I do have one. Us. As an add-on to, retailers can close the accountability loop between what you are training your associates and what a new shopper actually experiences.

    Ours run $200 for 3 shops for SalesRX users.. If that sounds like a lot, when you go cheap or you just get a net promoter score you don't get much feedback.

    A lot of people look at mystery shops like, "Oh, we did great." Or, "We did horrible," but the mystery shop, one alone, is just a moment in time. The power of mystery shops is you do a couple a month on a regular basis.

    Then you get to see exactly how your training sticks or how it doesn't stick. And then, you're actually able to see through a series of those and see what the trend is in your business.

    When you receive the results of a mystery shop, go over everything –the good and bad – with the leadership team. You also want to do a private meeting with the individuals who were on the floor during the shop. Review who did what when – both good and bad - and what training needs to be refreshed.

    Only then, after those who were most responsible for the score have been coached, should you share the results with everyone, ideally in a store meeting. Delete the names, dates and times so they aren't guessing who was responsible or you'll defeat the learning for the team.

    SalesRX, Bob's retail sales training program has a complete lesson on how to use mystery shops included with the low monthly price.

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    What is a Good Mystery Shopping Company to Use for Your Retail Store?

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