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    What does good customer service look like?

    I wrote a rather harsh review of my experience at the Ritz Carlton and I posted it on LinkedIn. And this guy commented, "Well, so some rich guy didn't get what he demanded. Big deal." And I was like, "Okay, A. I'm not a rich guy. B. I didn't demand anything." T

    he whole point was the customer service standards that had been developed over the years and everybody had said, Oh, this is what the mark of a fine hotel is,” came to be nothing. In fact, worse than a regular experience. Worse than a typical experience I had at almost any hotel.

    I was in Philadelphia last weekend and then I was in Dallas a couple of days ago. And I went to get a massage and I had called to make an appointment. And the woman said, "Oh, I can only do it around 4:00." And I said, "You know, I get off the podium at 3:45," and she goes, "Podium? Are you speaking here?" I go, "Yes, I am." She goes, "Well, I'll ask the person to stay till 4:30." I said, "Well, that's really nice. If I can get there earlier, I will."

    So I show up at about 4:05. And as I walk in, I'm just going to say hi to the registration, but they have a big thing at the water. So I go over to get a glass of water. And from behind the counter, the woman says, "Yes, you better fill up on water after you've been speaking all day." And I come over to the registration counter and she reaches out her hand and she goes, "Good afternoon, Mr. Phibbs. My name is Kendall. I want you to meet our team here. We're so happy you chose us." That was great customer service.

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    Now did she knew who I was? Did she go through and take extraordinary efforts? No.

    She had the spirit of hospitality. And that's really what's missing in a lot of retail right now is we are blaming Amazon and blaming everybody else.

    But at the end of the day, you're just really not that exceptional, and nobody raves about average.

    Great customer service makes the person feel, for however brief an encounter, that they are the most important person in the world. 

    So that's my big point for you to be thinking about here today, is how average are you and what's it going to take for you to cut through and be somebody other than what everybody else is doing?

    Because I have to tell you, there's an awful lot of Bitter Betty's around the world. A lot of people are not training anyone. A lot of people aren't holding people accountable. And a lot of people are getting away with crap service.

    Sorry, I'm going to call you on if I'm in your stores. Is that fair enough?"

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