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    What Are The Top Tips to Attract Shoppers?

    "What are the top tips to attract buyers for a very small store heading into my first holiday season?"

    A: The number one way is do an amazing job with customer experience. If you don't have a branded shopping experience that converts lookers to buyers, you haven't mastered retail yet.

    After that, you have to have amazing windows if you're looking to draw people to you.

    Number two would be to sign up everybody who buys from you on your email list or have them check in on Facebook.

    That way you can communicate to the people who actually gave you money, and then look at the fact that you don't want to just be promotional all the time. 30% off this weekend, 20% off this weekend only will torch the whole idea of why you are unique and different in the world.

    Then I would suggest that you do Facebook Live videos at least once a week where you can actually connect with these people and build a tribe around you.

    Plus your website better be top notch. To see if yours is, literally - Google My Business. Your listing better be up to speed with your hours, with your pictures, and make sure you're getting reviews, because that's what people are looking at. And a consistent social media presence is key.

    Finally, don't forget the power of shoe leather. If it's dead, go out and introduce yourself to the building next to yours, attend some other store's event and introduce yourself or walk your local neighborhood on a weekend. In short, jump in the front seat of the car (your business) and drive it!

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