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    What’s the best way to respond to, 'I have to think about it.'

    Q: What are some of the best responses to customers saying they have to check with their husband before they buy it, or 'I'll have to think about it,' even when the sales associates confirms that the item is what they're looking for?

    A: Somebody walked in and they said they were looking for a centerpiece, they were looking for a piece of jewelry and you went through and qualified them.

    I usually put that all back on the sales person, because if you see those little buying signs all the way through it and you see them asking questions like, 'How do I take care of this?' Or, 'Oh, this will go in the counter where my old mixer used to go.'

    You start hearing those buying signs, then the close is easy and you say, 'Would you like a box for this or would you like me to gift wrap it?' 

    But if you don't get those things, if you haven't built trust, as I've said before, you engage a stranger, discover the shopper or make a customer then you're stuck at make a customer. From there it's very easy to have them say, 'I'll have to look about it.'

    Look, you control the buying process. If someone has a genuine need or desire for a product and you've built enough rapport that they trust you, they'll go most anywhere with you. If you've just been polite and answered questions, there is no trust there. The more expensive your item is, the more rapport you need to build before ever getting to the product.

    If you truly have done all of that and the shopper says, 'I have to check with my husband before I buy it,' I always say, 'Has he ever bought anything without your approval?' then watch them laugh.

    I mean, you can only do so much, but it usually comes down to your selling process.

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