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    Are social media influencers a legitimate marketing tool for a small business?

    Q:"Are Social Media influencers a legitimate marketing tool for a small business and could it be profitable?"

    A: Maybe if they had enough followers who are also your customers. That's a common thing I also see. I'm talking about marketing to different people at conferences and someone will say, "Oh, you know, we're posting photos on Instagram every single hour and we get all these likes." Yes, but at the end of the day, that's kind of a distraction. If you're posting every single day, every hour, how much is that really taking away from your four walls?

    Which brings me back to the same idea, which is control what you can control. I think we get enamored with technology and we get enamored with, "Oh, I could do this. I could do this."

    But if you're not thinking about it, if you're not planning and if you're not seeing results, then you don't just keep doing it saying, "Oh, well, something will happen." You know, I'm doing my Facebook 21-day challenge with several retailers right now. And it's hard to come up with content and be compelling and get people to talk to you. But that's the goal. I don't want to just get up there and just make it all one way. And, "Look, we could have my girlfriend's boyfriend, sister's brother do my website."

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    Yeah, you could, but that's the worst idea. You could do it, but it probably won't be created right. Or somebody says, "Oh, I'm just taking a bunch of pay-per-click ads, so it's really great." No, it's not because you're probably taking a lot of money and having people that click on your ad, go to an unoptimized website and they click away.

    And Google says, "Yeah, this isn't a good website." And they pretty much give you a thumbs down. So now when you go to take up more ads, it's gonna cost you more. But if you don't think about all those things, you just say, "Well, we just need to do something."

    And that's the worst place to be when you're marketing your business. You don't just do something, you have to do the right thing."

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