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    Should You Question an Employee’s Stated Desire to Leave?

    "What should you do when one of your best staff members says that they want to quit because they don't have energy and enthusiasm and they're not interested in doing the job? But you know that staff member is really good for your company.”

    A: I think what you're asking me is, “should you question an employee's stated desire to leave?” I always say, the mind leaves before the body.

    If somebody is telling you, "I want to leave because I'm not enthused and I don't like this job anymore" it's not your time to say, "Oh, I know you'd really be good for us."

    Quite simply, they're being really honest. Let them go and make a transition.

    Or maybe they're going to be a behind the scenes person, or maybe they're going to be in the warehouse. Maybe there's another place for them and they are away from customer-facing jobs. That's possible.

    But certainly, my suggestion to you is, should you question an employee stated, desire to leave?

    No, you should absolutely accept it as a gift from heaven because most of your employees have quit two months and two years before they ever physically leave the store.

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    Should You Question an Employee’s Stated Desire to Leave?

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