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    Should we use peer reviews for employees?

    Q: "I'm about to do some check-in chats with my student staffers, wondering how you feel about peer reviews? I'm thinking specifically about students"

    A: Okay, with students, that's probably just going to be a popularity contest, which is why peer reviews, to me, are garbage. I know that some people go through and they have a group interview with people and they love that it's a fit for their crew.

    I think there may be a place for that, but a lot of times it ends up being a popularity contest.

    Let's face it, if you've got a real go-getter that's going to be a threat to your existing crew, they're going to give thumbs down.

    The only one that matters is you. You're the boss.

    If you're the one paying for the merchandise and having to pay taxes and try to make a profit on your business, that's all that matters. 

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    Should we use peer reviews for employees?

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