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    Should We Have Employee Name Tags?

    Q: "Employee name tags?

    A: Yes. Whatever you want to do, but yes, everybody wants to know who works here and, frankly, let's just talk about dress code while we're at it.

    I can't tell you how many retailers let their employees look like they just rolled out of bed, and they put on a wrinkled shirt and some sloppy sweats or jeans and they're behind the counter in an apparel store.

    Or they're in a service industry and they look like they just need to be cleaning the floor somewhere or tarring a roof. And I'm just thinking like, really, are you even looking at that?

    Having a dress code and wearing name badges make a big difference because we don't know who works here, and whatever it is, it should be big enough that we can understand it but not something that looks crazy.

    Record stores used to have a pass at a concert. Resorts will have, like, the first name like Bob and  - I think at the Hard Rock Cafe, they had their favorite band underneath it. So if I had John Denver, let's say, then the guest could talk to me about it.

    I just say be creative but more importantly just do it.

    And the trouble with doing embroidery and all that is, if you have a high turnover, then you can't use the shirts again. It's easier to pin them on, but if you're going to do it don't go cheap.

    Get at least a nice one that looks like it's stable because that says to your employees, "I think you're going to be here awhile," or the opposite, "Well, you're disposable anyway" kind of like a paper towel, so this is as good as we're going need for your short time here.

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