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    Which is More Important: Quality or Quantity of a Sale?

    I got a call from Roger. He's been doing my SalesRX online retail sales training for about a year. And he said to me, "So Bob, what is more important? Is it quality or quantity of sales?" And that got me thinking back when I first got started at the Broadway Department Store in Orange, California, while I was going to Chapman College.

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    They tracked how many hours they'd give the part-timers by how well you sold. I would be running between the men's suits, or casual wear, or findings- underwear, socks and all those things-  going from one to another trying to get more and more sales.

    And that wasn't working because my average sale was very low. I finally decided, what if I just slowed down, and I tried to help one shopper get everything we have in the store, because I can go between all kinds of different departments.

    One day I had ridden my bike up to the department store in the rain, and I'd gotten there, and this girl handed me a towel to dry my hair.

    As I was drying my hair. I looked up at the sales board, and there I was, number one. She goes, "Congratulations. You got a full schedule next week."

    Everyone is telling you that you need to get your customers in and out as quickly as possible. But I'm here to tell you that that's wrong.

    You actually want to spend more time with your customers to get everything they want, not just the one thing they may have came in asking for, especially during the holidays, right? So to answer your question quality of the sale - high average sale - is more important than quantity - number of small sales you make.

    So the more that you spend time with them, the more you get the bigger baskets, the higher ROI, you get a higher average check, and more importantly, you also make money because you have satisfied customers who are getting everything they can get from you, and not letting you be that one place they buy one item, and they buy everything else from Amazon online.

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