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    How do you motivate long-term employees to sell more?

    "How do you motivate long-term employees to sell more?"  At the end of the day, many associates wrongly like to believe, "Oh, if I just had enough customers, I'd do great."

    Well, at the end of the day, they aren't doing the job. Great sales people make sales happen, not wait to clerk something. Long-term employees should know this better than anyone...

    Are they getting people's contact information at every sale?

    Are they nurturing them to go from one purchase to another? Are they calling up, sending a text or an email once a month?

    A simple video or text, "Hey, we just got this in" with a picture can work wonders.

    There's a million things associates can do, but in this day and age, there's no excuse to say we're just waiting for people to walk in.

    It's not the 1990s. We're in the new normal, folks. You can’t wait this out like something's magically going to get better. We're in the new normal, so we have to do the best with it we can.

    Give your employees a sales system and teach them how to followup when traffic is slow.

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    How do you motivate long-term employees to sell more?

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