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    How Do We Update Our Jewelry Displays Without Spending a Fortune?

    Q:"How can we modernize our jewelry display without spending a fortune?"

    A: Did you know lighting is your second most expensive, expense when you build out a store? So doing it on the fly is really expensive. 

    So first off, cut the SKUS in your display cases by probably about a third, that's the first thing, so that each one can look better. Luxury is about space.

    Also, boost your overhead lights and switch to LED's like the halogen PAR38, that way you get a brighter look. And then add LEDs or T5 fluorescents in the top and the back of your display cases, so it causes no shadows for either your product or when someone looks down on the cases.

    Light any display case as much as you can so the merchandise pops, that's the key.

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