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    How to Respond to, "Thanks, I’ll buy it online."

    Q: "What is the appropriate response to a customer who says they're going to buy something online instead of from you, after you've spent some considerable time figuring out their needs and finding out exactly the right item for them in your store?"

    A: There is no easy answer there. So you have four options.

    One, ignore it and still try to make the sale. "Oh, I'm sure you could, but you could take it with you right here. In fact, why don't I just take my cell phone? Let's just check and see what the price is. Let's just see what that is." And be kind of obnoxious about it.

    You could even say, "And do you care about the environment at all?" "Well, sure." "Well, you know that online has about twice as much trash being collected around the world because of online deliveries and the extra cardboard and the gas, etc., whereas you can take it right here and be a hero to your family with the gift and also to the environment?" You could do that.

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    You could be right in their face. "Well, you know, if a lot of people did that, I wouldn't be in business very long." And where do you go with that? "I know, but I need it. And I want to buy it online." "Well, if you keep doing it, we'll all closed, and then what are you going to do?" 

    And then the fourth is, you just kind of say, "Well, you know, thanks for coming in," and walk away. I think that's your options.

    I don't think it happens that much and gosh forbid, if it's happening that much, then you need to look at your sales process.

    Because if it's just simply somebody walking in, "Hey, let me know if you need anything." They walk around. Then you pick something up and you start walking, talking to them about this one widget, and you're going over the product's features, all this stuff, and then they say, "Okay, well, I'm going to order online," you didn't really touch their hearts.

    People who touch our hearts aren't usually that mean and nasty.  The best answer to your retail selling question is that I would encourage you to look at your sales process first.

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