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    How to Help your Crew Sell What They Cannot Afford to Buy Themselves

    A: Well, that's not anything new and usually means the employees will sell from their own wallets.

    I used to sell thousand-dollar cowboy boots, and I never could afford thousand-dollar cowboy boots, but I loved selling them. And with my bonuses, I would eventually buy them.

    The one thing I would suggest is, find a way for them to get one piece that is maybe more expensive. They have to work towards it.

    It's not like a 30% off anytime and they can buy it. Find a way that they have to hit goals and they get to have it, so they understand what the difference in a fit and finish is of a certain material.

    Or, an electronics component, or whatever, and then help them see how that feels.

    I know some luxury jewelers let employees wear the merchandise during store hours but that's not the same.

    I know some shoe retailers let employees have defective items at minimal cost.

    Yes, it's not the same as if they actually bought it, with their own money at full price, but it's a heck of a lot stronger way to get them to get buy-in especially for luxury items.

    I've also written a guide for luxury goods in particular, Increasing Shopper Conversion Rates: 10 Retail Secrets Every Luxury Brand Should Know

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