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    How to get the most out of your Google My Business Q & A section

    Q: "Should I worry about Google My Business' Q&A section? And if yes, how to use it."

    Q: Great question. When you're done reading this today, you should go to Google My Business. And if you haven't claimed your listing, you should.

    Now it has a Q&A section under there where people can ask you questions. But also it can be more proactive, because what it's doing is it's taking the algorithm across Google for retailers, and it's saying, "These are the kind of questions people are asking right now or will be asking in the next week. You should answer this."

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    So, yes, it is a big deal. In fact, the one that you pointed out, "Are you open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?" why would they put that up there? Because that's a question people are going to ask.

    So again, when done with this video today, I want you to go to Google My Business. If you haven't claimed your listing, do it. If you get my book, "The Retail Doctor's Guide to Growing Your Business", you can certainly find out more about how to get all that up onto the web.

    But even if you have claimed your site, you want to start answering these Q&A questions because not only are customers able to ask, Google is proactively helping you to answer those questions and help you with your online marketing."

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    How to get the most out of the Google My Business Q & A section?

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