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    How to Get People to Your Store with Construction in Front?

    Q: There's a very large construction project going on in front of my business. People are beginning to take other routes to avoid it. Besides running sales and keeping things fresh and advertising, what can we do?

    A: That's really hard, and I wish I had the magic answer. But quite simply, if you put frustration in the ability for me to get to your store, it's going to be really hard for me to say, "Oh, it doesn't matter. I'll go around."

    So what would I do?

    I would try to have fun things. You know, what is your busiest day? Is it a Saturday? Hire a clown and one of those arrows or something and say, "Just go to the next stoplight to find us."

    Or on your emails, just have a lot of fun with it, “the treasure hunt to find us.” 

    And it'll at least keep your mind busy, if nothing else.

    But make no mistake, they've added frustration to shopping, and it's every downtown's problem and it happens all the time. You know, if it's going to be a brighter future for you, that's great, but any fun that you can bring to it, the better.

    So some kind of a treasure hunt, maybe doing a live video, showing, "Here's the easy way to get through," and doing that video every frigging day, with a new way to get to us or something. Don't forget email as well and changing your windows to striking colors to gain attention.

    You've got to keep your mind engaged or you're going to fall back in the, "It's hopeless," and, "What are we supposed to do? The construction, I can't do anything," mentality. 

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    How to Get People to Your Store with Construction in Front?

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