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    How to Ensure Smiles on My Employees are Real?

    Q: A smiling, happy, engaged staff, I believe, are the best way of engaging customers. But how to ensure that smiles are real? Is training, empowering, and having an inclusive team more beneficial than a great commission structure?

    A: You're equating really different things there. Yes, it's great if your employees can smile, but if I walk up to you like this, I'm going to look deranged and people are going to say, like, "Holy crap, I don't want to talk to this guy." Right?

    You want people who are confident, who know how to engage a stranger, who have a process to take a stranger to become their trusted adviser, then be able to sell them merchandise at full price, add-on, and be able to invite them back so that customers end up wanting to have that experience again.

    That's what matters. If you give them a great commission structure on top of that, that can help as well.

    But just giving a commission structure and saying, "I'll pay you money if you sell," often means that you are letting people clerk;  you're paying money for them not doing much more than, "Hi, can I help you find something?" "Yes, I'm looking for these cards. Do you have these cards?" "Yes, do you have a budget?" "$400." "We have these on sale for $100." "Great, I'll take them."

    That type of employee adds nothing to the sale. 

    When people smile, it's because they're confident, they know they're not going to be fired. They know that they're going to be well rewarded, and their minds are engaged all the time on the sales floor.

    They don't check out when they walk in the door, they don't pull out their phone, and they don't hate life. Those employees don't smile for bigger reasons than money.

    If that's happening to you, then maybe you should just stop commission structure and buy SalesRX to train your employees.

    Have them repeat the training over and over. Not just be exposed to the training, but do it so well they can't do it wrong on the floor, just like a second baseman throws to first base. That builds confidence and puts them at ease.

    And then maybe look at a reward system. 

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