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    How to deal with shopper's "I'll Be Back"?

    Q: “We pay commission and recently instigated a new policy that unless someone asks for you, the person who rings up the sale gets the credit.” Great. So employees now are scrambling to give everybody a card, and to say, "ask for me" when they come back. 

    A: If you're going to close the customer, then you close them and you get credit. If they walk out the door, you lost it. I absolutely believe in that. Why? Because if you don't give them sales training, they're going to get credit for something they didn't really do. You get rewarded for closing the sale.

    I don't ever want people passing out cards, and saying, "Ask for me." That sounds so lame. It's like the biggest buzzkill after you had this nice experience in a beautiful store. You're trying to decide do I want this, do I want that? "Make sure you ask for me, because we get a bonus on this. Or I get commission, or I get credit." It just sounds yucky. You don't want any of that. I think you're exactly right.

    The person who rings it up gets the credit. I don't want to see cards, I don't want to hear, "I'll be backs." I want to make sure you do your job. But again, if you don't know what a sales process looks like and you're winging it, "Can I help you find something? Do you have a budget? Looking for something special?"

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    Then you need to get my online retail sales training program. Because what everybody else will tell you is, "Oh, you know, you need to make allowances. You need to do this and this." No, you need to actually train them for God's sake, and get the whole feast instead of the crumbs.

    I know you'll sit there and you'll say, "Oh well, bless their heart, they're trying." When most of you are going to be paying higher employment wages to all your employees in January, maybe then you'll start to realize, "Wow, I need to get more out of them. I need to train them better," instead of resenting the fact that you're paying them more.

    Why not just say, "I've got to get more out of them, I'm going to do this."

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