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    How to deal with Amazon?

    Q: "Why doesn't Amazon want to be more profitable? Is it to get the retail monopoly then charge more for shipping? There has to be a long-term agenda here.”

    A: So the long-term view is they want to build a company that is profitable for their shareholders. That's what everyone should be trying to do. And they are looking at "Where do we make money?" If you look at AWS, Amazon Web Services, they are advertising a lot in the airports right now. That is a subsidiary they started just to say, "We need to have more bandwidth. We need more. How do we do more on the internet? We better build our own. We're not going to go up to somebody else."

    That little side business is now the engine that is driving Amazon. They didn't even think it was going to be anything worth spending their time on. They didn't go out to do it. Remember Amazon started off as a bookstore basically. And now they're moving into other ones.

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    I get it. I was at a recent speech and I was asked, "You know, Bob, you say it's a matter of retailers looking at their own four walls. What do you suggest for retailers to not concentrate on Amazon?" I kind of startled the audience of about a thousand and I said, "Just don't do it." That's my point to you.

    I spoke at the American Booksellers Association many years ago, and I was just about to do the keynote and this person tweeted a picture of their representative on a Kindle and slamming this representative for using a Kindle and not supporting their mom-and-pop. It's like, "Give me a break. You really think that's going to make your business?"

    I say this to all of you who are still watching me. Thank you to so many who are still with me. How much wasted time are you spending talking about the other guys right now? How many conversations do you have to go on and on about how unfair it is to be you? There are millions of people around the world right now that wish they had the opportunity that you have every single day.

    And you know what the beauty of retail is? It changes when the next person walks in the door. So you want to become Bitter Betty. How many of you use Amazon? I use Amazon.

    Sorry. I live in the middle of the country. I don't even have anywhere. My big thing would be to go to a Walmart. I'm not going to shop there. But you're kidding yourself to think that it's all them.

    No, it isn't. It's all you. When I walk into your store and there's Bitter Betty behind the counter or Bitter Bob - I don't even care if you're married to him -you allow that, shame on you. Your merchandise isn't priced. Your store is filthy. Half the lights are out. There's dust on the merchandise. Someone is smoking out front and no one else is in the store.

    There are a million things I look at when I do a business makeover and I never look at what the competitors are doing. It's all about you.

    So get off it. Either own that, “It sucks to be me.” Be a hobby. Just only take care of people who like you and who have your “little world vision” and call it a day. But if you want to be serious, if you want to get back the money that you invested, if you want to actually have a living, you want to enjoy it, you want to have a family business, then get out there and do a better job right now with your customers.

    That's all that matters - that guy or gal who drove out of their way past the competitor. They put down their smartphone to come in and talk to you. It's about being human. And you know what? You'll sell more when people feel they matter. And when they don't feel they matter, they are going to look around and scan it and leave. It's that simple.

    That was my soapbox for the day. That's reality. It drives me nuts. So many retailers think it's easy. No business is easy. It's not easy being the retail doctor. I have a clown in a whole another country that's using my brand right now. What do I do with that?

    You just move on and say it doesn't matter. Go on. If you like video marketing like what I'm doing, I encourage you SalesRX users to watch your email because I've got a whole challenge just for you about how to use retail and how to use Facebook Live video marketing for your business. I’ve only open that to SalesRX users right now, so watch your email for that."

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