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    How Should I Handle Reorders of Fast-Moving Merchandise?


    Q: There are a few products that fly out the door, whereas others that do eventually sell, just don't sell as fast. My approach is always immediately restock the best seller. But, am I not letting the slower items have a chance?

    A: Well, there are two points to that.

    One, more than likely, you or your employees really love that item that flies out the door, so it's easy for you. So, holding back and not ordering immediately means that you're going to have to find something else to sell. I can certainly argue that is sound.

    On the other side, maybe the purchase you made that's not moving was not so great, and you really hit on a trend with the best seller, and that trend is working, and you want to capitalize on it. I don't think there's any easy answer.

    I think instead of looking at specific items like, “this orange pencil did really well,” I would look at the category of say writing instruments. 

    “How are we doing with writing instruments?” If writing instruments aren't doing very much in my store and other categories are, then I'm probably not going to go crazy on one individual item. 

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