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    How many in-store events should you hold?

    Q: "How many events do you feel is an adequate amount?” Some 'experts claim during the holidays you should have something every weekend.’"

    A: Wow, I can't imagine having a true event every weekend. I feel it's better to do less, but make each one count and put your heart into them. I am right there with you. Is there such a thing that you can overwhelm your customer too much and they attend less because of it? Absolutely.

    Let's be honest. If you have one great event and that can get some buzz and it's Instagrammable and it's fun and interesting, that's going to take a lot of work. You physically can't do that every weekend.

    Let's go back...

    One of the biggest times you're going sell merchandise is Saturday and Sunday, so throwing an event into the middle of all of that is going to make everything crazy because people are coming in for an event and other people have no idea of the event and they just want to buy, and there are people there for the event but they don't want buy.

    I always say, pool your events into some other time than the sweet spot of 11:00am to 4:00pm on a Saturday or 12:00pm to 3:00pm on a Sunday.

    If you had two a month, I think that would be awesome, but just make sure that they are really unusual or different.

    Just saying "We're having a sale of Hello Kitty for 20% off," to me, that's not an event. That's nothing.

    I don't know who would be having Hello Kitty 20% off.

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