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    How Does a Business Recruit Top Talent?

    Q: What avenues do you suggest we use to recruit top talent? Partnering with local colleges? Employee sharing with a nearby store? Meet and greet events?


    A: The best way to attract top talent is to have top talent. Winners want to come work with winners. I'll tell you that.

    I was at a hotel recently, the maitre d' was amazing, the servers were amazing, and they were all amazing. Why? Because like attracts like.

    Winners are not going to be attracted to an average store.

    And if you only want to pay them the princely sum of what, a dollar over minimum and expect them to be there on holidays, and weekends? It's probably not going to happen. 

    In your store, is there a shared feeling of pride, fellowship, and loyalty among your crew? Do you help them become successful and set goals? I always look back to Lululemon.

    What I love about Lululemon is on Sunday nights they close the store, and the manager comes together with the employees, and they have a meeting about what goals these people who are working for them are setting and how they're going to meet them. Keeping those associates on track with their goals has nothing to do with the business. It has to do with making them more successful.

    The brand is doing great. People who shop there love the experience, and more importantly, the employees are growing and becoming who they're supposed to be. 

    You want to have a better crew? I always come back to how are you bettering your crew.

    Facebook ads can help you with getting the word out for new employees. I'm a big believer of going out and seeking great customer service in the wild.

    It might sound old school that whenever you experience great customer service, hand the person your business card and ask them if they are looking for more shifts, you'd love to have them interview with you but it works.

    There are a lot of sites online and multiple apps too but getting a ton of blind applications does nothing to get the right person.

    There is no easy answer, but I certainly would never do employee sharing with another store. That just means you're probably going to get the leftovers who can work the hours to come in and babysit your merchandise. I'm sorry. As a shopper, I've got better things to do then encounter another bored employee.

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