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    How do I know if I’m running my labor too lean?

    Q: “What are four questions I should be asking myself to determine if I'm running my sales team too lean?”

    A: Number one, How long do people have to wait to buy something? That's a really good sign.

    Number two, how long do you leave a shopper to answer another's question? That's a really good key.

    Number three, do employees have enough time to add on to every sale or are they just trying to get bodies through the cashwrap?

    That's going to tell you if you're too lean. And my last one, on your best month, how many employee hours did you use and how does that ratio compare to an average of your past three months?

    That's going to tell you really where your labor is working and where it isn't because a lot of times, we keep our stores too lean and then we wonder why the average check is down and you might get some nasty comments on Facebook or Yelp or something like that."

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    How do I know if I’m running my labor too lean?

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