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    How Can I Prepare for the Holidays with My Crew?

    Q: How can I prepare for the holidays with my crew?


    A: Do a nice job for your employees. Make their day and they'll make your customers' day. And hire more people. 

    Give your associates some kind of a gift before Thanksgiving.

    Write a personal note to their family, "We're going to be using an awful lot of their extra energy. I know it's going to sacrifice some of your holiday time together, but it's really worth it. And we think Jane is doing such a great job."

    Doing any number of things you can to get that excitement level up now is important because Black Friday is approaching. And if you're an independent store, please don't say, "Well, we don't do much with Black Friday." Because then you're not getting it.

    Black Friday is the official start of the holiday season. It is a mental check for most people that, "Oh, I've got to do this."

    Most of us are going to be buying a whole lot more than we did last year for ourselves. So as your opportunity to bring joy and delight to your customers, then you better make sure you know what joy and delight looks like. Not, after a busy weekend telling yourself, "Oh, well, we're down three people. We handled it."

    No, you didn't.

    You didn't handle it three people down because customers either had to wait, or your store looked like crap. And if your store looks like crap, people are going to walk out, or you're going to be shoplifted, or a million things. 

    To get your crew ready for the holidays, hire more people, show them you care, and get ready for Black Friday. 

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