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    How Can I Attract a Wider Customer Base?

    Q: How can a rural location get more regional shoppers? Young customers seem to view my services as a neutral interaction. I bring out products for them to try on and then they say they'll look online. They don't regard my services.

    A: When shoppers don't value your services, it's usually because there's not much of a connection with you. Efficient is not compelling when it comes to service. You have to find a way to connect with them on a personal level.

    If you feel the shoppers are neutral to you, I'd bet money that it falls on the way you are interacting with them.

    Whatever that is, either you haven’t bonded with them, you haven't built enough trust, you haven't engaged them or you haven't been able to find a way to pal around with them and get some laughs. 

    Ultimately, I think the employee that gets the laughs gets the sale. There's got to be something funny. If you're too serious about it - I don't care what it is, you're not selling medical equipment for God's sake -  you're selling a product that somebody can wear, use or whatever it's going to be, right?

    So make sure that you keep the fun in it.

    I would also suggest you acknowledge being able to engage a stranger, discover the shopper and make a customer takes work and training you may not have. SalesRX can help you craft a branded experience where shoppers buy more and are glad they met you. Check it out here

    Read my primer on retail sales training to understand what you are missing and how to use it to grow sales

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